I'm a massive fan of divers' watches and its not because I'm a keen diver or scuba pro, in fact I rarely venture into water at all, now for me it's all about the aesthetics of  diver design that has me hooked. I'm not alone with this fascination though, there are so many diver models out there the market is absolutely saturated with them ( that's not a bad thing ), of course the most infamous being the Rolex Submariner or the Sea Dweller. The problem is that the Rolex watches of this world are often out of reach to us mere mortals, sure there are some slightly cheaper alternatives but what if your budget is really restricted ?

Enter the Selhor Diver 05 model, a watch that on first glance you might be confused to believe was older, however far from being old this Diver 05 model is very much a modern watch. Featuring a full stainless steel case & bracelet, mineral glass with sapphire coating, Swiss movement, fully lumed and rotating bezel, and topped off with a great looking dial & hand set, what more can you ask for ?

At a price point of $240/£174 ( Approx ) this watch is one that is going to be hard to beat, specifications alone would put this watch in a slightly higher price bracket but amazingly its not, and that all good for us consumers :) So lets take a look at the features.....

SELHOR Diver 05, a new beginning for an old name. Once upon a time the Selhor name stood alongside brands such as Lip, Lejour, Yema, and Forban, they were also known as a manufacturer for numerous other brands. Today, they are making a comeback and continuing a legacy that began in 1947 in Maîche, a commune in Eastern France close to the Swiss border, by their founder, Charles Callie. After many decades of absence, Selehor debut the Diver 05, a watch inspired by handful of vintage Selhor diver’s models that came before it. While each of the models in the of Selhor’s eclectic collection historic diver’s watches leant something to the Diver 05, one model clearly stands out as the main inspiration behind it. The Diver 05 aims to capture the brand’s best moments throughout history - all packaged as an affordable quartz tool diver.


Selhor watches. To vintage watch fans, this name may ring a bell. In fact, they have been around since 1947 and began in a small French town named Maîche. They have been known since then to have a niche in churning out beautiful chronograph and dive watches. Back in the day, they gave brands such as Doxa and Yema a run for their money. Fast forward to 2021, I am glad to report that, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they are back and better than ever. With a modern reinterpretation of what they did best; the chronographs and diver watches. I am really excited to be able to review both their iconic pieces which have undergone a modern face lift but still keep true to the essence of what they are known for. That is having a dial with a lot of character and sizeable pieces.This piece certainly gets a lot of face time (pun intended definitely) and I am already enjoying having it on my wrist much more. In 2021, Watchboysg is someone who has new found enjoyment and in depth found fascination for brown dials. Selhor, I have you to thank for that. *tips hat*