Vintage Diver


There's a particular charm a 70s diver watch carries, and Selhor is here to bring it back. The new Vintage Collection is a testament to the decade’s revolution brought to one of the innovative depth equipment, with features just as creative and essential to the modern dive enthusiast.


The Vintage Diver collection is an exquisitely-made diver’s watch inspired by the 70's timepieces that comes with anything but contemporary features in function and aesthetics. This is a great fusion of classic and modern technology from the state-of-the-art sapphire to the high-grade movement.

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A 24-jewel automatic movement, the Japanese Miyota 9015 movement is a high-grade watch caliber known as one of the "workhorse" movements in the industry. It boasts an accuracy level of 10-30 seconds per day, a great deal for a reliable time-telling machine.


Covered with a double-domed sapphire crystal, the Vintage Diver keeps its classic vibe while featuring state-of-the-art watch glass technology. The best material of choice for high-quality timepieces, sapphire glass has anti-glare, anti-reflective, and anti-scratch properties. A true value for your money.


As diver's watches are exposed to water pressure at multiple depths, a screw-down crown is the most secure way to keep the tiny world inside your timepiece away from the harmful elements of the outside world. Its ability to seal against a rubber gasket makes it watertight even at 200 meters.


A very typical feature of the 70's dive watches is the cushion-shaped case. Defined as a unique case with a square shape and slightly rounded corners, it emanates strong masculine appeal which a diver watch should have. At 42mm, the Vintage Diver is a trendy watch to be reckoned with. Defined as a unique case with a square shape and slightly rounded corners, it emanates strong masculine appeal, which a diver watch should have.


Classically exquisite, each watch is encased in a lightweight but sturdy watch box with a captivating and charming design. When not in use, your timepiece sits on a gorgeous display while being secured from external elements.


Selhor's watches are exquisitely secured in a classic and sturdy bespoke packaging with careful attention to detail to deliver a high-value service experience. Let the reward-seeking areas of your brain explore and take pleasure in our unboxing.